Key Benefits

  • True business-to-business collaboration for IFS Applications™
  • Secure and flexible
  • Allow suppliers to self-serve to increase efficiency
  • Increases the ROI of your existing IFS Applications

Inter-company collaboration

When it comes to digital transformation strategies, one thing is clear: Collaboration matters.

Forbes & IDC both identify external collaboration as a key driver of digital transformation as it provides a unique opportunity to change the way enterprises work, by enabling more open and efficient processes and workflows.

By connecting IFS Applications to DinERP’s collaborative ‘business to business’ portals, businesses can collaborate using whichever data best serves their needs – no longer just with documents and assets but with any aspect of the ERP system. Not only that, but this collaboration is realised through a familiar and intuitive interface meaning no manuals or training - so teams can ‘hit the ground running’ and be effective right from the get-go.

Empowering Self-Service

With the DinERP Supplier Portal suppliers are able to self-serve, taking pressure off of the enterprise whilst maintaining a safe and secure link with your existing IFS Applications™. All data is available to both internal and external stakeholders at all times, without the need for dedicated roles for data creation and validation.

Drive Digital Transformation

By enabling such deep and broad collaboration, DinERP helps to drive digital transformation by creating the framework and possibility for entirely new and exciting collaboration opportunities. Rather than impose workflows on users, users are now able to decide how they want to work and what information, components and external parties they need to do so.

Key Features

    • View and edit supplier information
    • View and edit contacts
    • View purchase orders and order details
    • View supplier invoices and details
    • View sub-contracts
    • Import supplier invoices

"My mind is blown by all the functional and technical obstacles we have overcome while building this product, it is truly one of our greatest achievements."       

-    Sahil Malik - Chief Architect

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