Key Benefits

  • Custom views for all stakeholders
  • Sandbox for effective pre-planning and scenario testing
  • Interactive workflows with configurable approval routings
  • Support for heirarchical project structures
  • Gantt project charts and colour-coded visualisations of project resources
  • Seamlessly integrated with IFS Human Resources™ and IFS Projects™

Super-charged Resource Planning and Allocation

DinERP Resource Management allows you to allocate employees for projects based on their availability and competencies: You can assign single employees or complete teams, move them from one project to another and find substitutes which have the necessary qualifications to stand-in.

Resource Management covers the complete workflow with integrated approval routing: From the project requester to the resource manager and back again for approval before final allocation. Assigned Escalation Managers can view and solve conflicts between projects are quickly and easily.


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Resource Management


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