Key Benefits

  • Up to 70% reduction in run-through time on authorizations 
  • Fully integrated with IFS Applications™ 
  • Quick Purchase - simplified purchasing process
  • Easy Approval process
  • Faster supplier invoice authorization
  • Receipts made easy - by quantity and amount
  • Available of desktop and mobile

P2P has never been easier...

Faster workflows - better processes

Whether your business buys raw materials, services, infrastructure, equipment or all of those items, managing that process takes time and resources and if you get it wrong – it could be expensive.

 IFS Applications™ provide a powerful and robust set of tools for managing the entire procurement process but for the average user, a more straight-forward workflow is often beneficial.

With Purchase to Pay from Din ERP customers can optimise the P2P workflow by reducing the number of smaller suppliers and automating recurring purchases. They can easily see and manage outstanding purchases and integrate with major vendors online stores, with easy one-click approvals.

By streamlining the invoicing process, users increase efficiency and save money by ensuring payments go out on time, making surcharges and interest payments a thing of the past.

DInERP ApproveIT ensures an enhanced workflow is available on mobile devices, allowing user to make the most of their time by staying connected to the P2P workflow at all times, from all locations.

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