Main Benefits

  • Simplifies the parts & product creation process
  • Speeds-up the parts & product creation process
  • Eliminates paper with a streamlined digital workflow
  • Enables products and parts to be created in IFS Applications at scale
  • Dramatically improves data quality
  • Helps to maximise the ROI of your IFS investment

Product creation made simple

For manufacturing businesses, the creation of products within the ERP system is a vital process – but one that can be difficult to handle at scale.

The Product Management Console from DinERP makes it fast and easy to create products and parts, enabling the storage of infinite business categorisations that can then be used anywhere in IFS Applications™. Now you can create and configure fields, according to the specific needs of your business and production workflow.

Flexible and User-Friendly

Works on all platforms & devices

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An Easy digital workflow - that scales

Team members across different departments can easily collaborate to create and update product information using a streamlined, platform agnostic, digital workflow.

Data is sent to IFS after validation and only when needed, with the ability to mass-update any number of records with a simple click - so the quality of your product data in IFS is always as perfect as the products themselves.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated with IFS Applications
  • Enables limitless categorizations for use in IFS
  • Field creations and customisation
  • Fast, intuitive, configurable interface
  • Data validation
  • Barcode generation
  • One click transfer to IFS
  • Mass update
  • Device & platform agnostic


"No matter how many products you need to create in IFS - this makes it faster, easier and ensures the quality of your IFS data"


Alistair Henderson
Head of IT - Churchill China