Key benefits

  • Faster, easier access to relevant documents
  • Extra focus on YOUR documents (the logged-in user)
  • Simplified object connection and search features for IFS Applications
  • Documents can be sent for approval or distributed to selected colleagues or groups
  • Combines the best functionality of IFS Document Management and Sharepoint

The best of both worlds...

Working and collaborating with documents has never been easier!

With our document management solution you can easily organise all your documents in one place with IFS Document Management functionality in SharePoint. The solution’s front page lists all documents for those who are part of the related work processes - so searching is not necessary.

To-do items are displayed on the SharePoint intranet to ensure an efficient process flow. User-specific, context-based information is presented with relevant actions, including document access updates, document state processing from Preliminary to Released, and document check in (save) / check out (edit).

Everyday tasks are supported. These include the creation of new documents, using templates, import of multiple files, tagging the important metadata and connecting one or more IFS business objects for easy access at a later stage.

Documents can be sent for approval or distributed to selected colleagues or project teams. Search parameters include document properties, document contents, history or connected object properties.

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