Key Benefits

  • True business-to-business collaboration for IFS Applications™
  • View and amend business data such as purchase orders, part prices, invoices and much more
  • Informative KPI Dashboards monitor performance
  • Easy set-up, low maintenance and low cost 

Inter-Company Collaboration

The world is getting smaller every day. People are working together ever more closely even while miles apart. Efficient collaboration is therefore mission-critical and often that collaboration needs to happen across corporate boundaries.

For some time now, companies have been ready to work together at a deeper level - to interact - but the solutions have simply not been there to support it – until now!

B2B Portals from DinERP makes true inter-company collaboration a reality.

Empower Your Customers

Let your customers view and update relevant information when they need it, without needing your input to satisfy their requirements. If the registered information is wrong, they can update it themselves, in their own time, not yours.

KPI Dashboards

With a fully branded and flexible B2B Portal your customers and can view and amend business data such as purchase orders, invoices and much more. Informative KPI Dashboards will give them valuable insight into their and your performance.

Unique Solution

DinERP’s B2B Portal solution delivers unique value through true business-to-business collaboration for IFS Applications™. Our solution is unique and powerful, request a demonstration today to see how you can digitally transform the way your organisation collaborates and interacts with your customers.

"My mind is blown by all the functional and technical obstacles we have overcome while building this product, it is truly one of our greatest achievements."           

-    Sahil Malik - Chief Architect

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