Key Benefits

  • Reduce approval time by up to 50%
  • Approve ANYTHING easily & accurately
  • IFS approvals on mobile and desktop
  • Fully integrated with IFS Applications™
  • Works with existing infrastructure
  • Fast, low impact installation
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Approve anything easily, fully integrated with IFS Applications™

For the fastest approval time within IFS Applications - ApproveIT truly delivers.

Our most recent implementation of ApproveIT exceeded the customer's expectations when they found it reduced their invoice run-through time by over 50% within the first month of use, alongside a huge reduction in internal support cases. ApproveIT is fast, easy, and flexible. Try it yourself - book a demo at the top of the page.

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Approve ANYTHING easily

Whatever your role, the chances are at some point you will need to approve a document, invoice, expense report, purchase order, time sheet - or something else.

When you consider the number of approvals and the number of people involved, it is easy to see that approvals take a lot of man-hours away from core business activities. The more senior your role, the more time you spend on the approvals process and the more it costs the organisation.

Desktop & Mobile

DinERP ApproveIT delivers an enhanced IFS approval workflow for both desk-top and mobile devices, allowing users to make the most of their time by staying connected to the approval workflow at all times, from all locations.

With ApproveIT users are able to approve everything and anything with real-time notifications and one click approvals. ApproveIT is device agnostic and fully compatible with most browsers & mobile operating systems.


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Fully integrated with IFS Applications™

DinERP understands that a good approvals workflow is not about the device - it's about the user. By providing all the information you want but none of the features you don’t actually need, we enable our customers to create the best process for their specific business - on whichever devices they choose.

We deliver the same easy user experience across all possible platforms, focusing on simplicity, speed and security, fully integrated with IFS Applications.

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Security focused

The importance of data security within large enterprises is paramount, so our mobile application architecture focuses on it.

We utilise all available security protocols to ensure best-of-breed security, but still maintain the easiest set-up and user experience in the market today.