ApproveIT - IFS Approvals

  • Approve ANYTHING easily & accurately
  • IFS Approvals for Mobile and desktop
  • Fully integrated with IFS Applications™
  • Works with existing infrastructure
  • Low-impact implementation
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Document Management

  • Faster document management
  • Easier document management
  • More versatile document management
  • Combines the best functionality of IFS and Sharepoint
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Product Management Console

  • Simplifies the parts & product creation process
  • Speeds-up the parts & product creation process
  • Eliminates paper with a streamlined digital workflow
  • Enables products and parts to be created in IFS Applications at scale
  • Dramatically improves data quality
  • Helps to maximise the ROI of your IFS investment
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  • Mobile & Desktop
  • ExpenseReporting - users calim to spend 1/3 of the time registering a travel expense
  • Time Registration
  • Absence Planning and Approval
  • Employee development processing
  • Streamlined workflows
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Purchase to Pay

  • Automate recurring purchases
  • Integrate with vendors' online stores
  • Same workflow across all devices and platforms
  • Simple, fast, one-click approvals with ApproveIT
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Customer Portal

  • True business-to-business collaboration for IFS Applications™
  • View and amend business data such as purchase orders, part prices, invoices and much more
  • Informative KPI Dashboards monitor performance
  • Easy set-up, low maintenance and low cost 
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Supplier Portal

  • view and edit supplier information
  • view and edit contacts
  • view purchase orders and order details
  • view supplier invoices and details
  • view sub-contracts
  • import supplier invoices
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Project Portal

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