Interview with Annette Lundblad

Jan 10 2018

“Any company would benefit from using DinERP”

By: Elise Gull Askim 06.01.2018

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor is a global turnkey developer, contractor and operator of tailored, medium to large-scale power plants. BWSC deals in projects for conventional engine-based power plants and floating power plants, as well as for selected renewable and hybrid technologies. BWSC is also a customer of DinERP.

Annette Lundblad works with implementation of new ERP systems at BWSC. She was the product manager of the implementation of DinERP, and is also responsible for user support.

BWSC use IFS solutions to manage expenses and to approve invoices during projects. -We like DinERP because it is really user friendly. You do not even need any experience with ERP to use DinERP’s products, Lundblad explains. -We like DinERP because the systems are very user friendly, she adds.

Improving workflow
A large company like BWSC needs a secure and easy solution to cover all IFS functionalities. BWSC needed DinERP to simplify the approval of supply invoices, purchase orders, and for time registrations and approval. -DinERP really helped to make IFS easy and improved workflow, Annette says, and her colleagues think the speed of approving everything from invoices to time registration has improved considerably.

BWSC take pride in being straightforward, diligent and proactive in their business approach, and in their ability to meet quality, time and budget commitments, Annette tell us.
-In IFS, you need to click around and open a lot of different tabs to approve things. With DinERP you simply click one time, and it guides you directly to the place where you can approve something, it is so easy and again it requires no training to use, she explains.

Easy to understand
BWSC’s employees could start using DinERP instantly after its introduction, she adds, -there were no challenges at all. I highly appreciate DinERP, they are very flexible and very pleasant to work with.

Our colleagues have been very happy with working with DinERP and we only get positive feedback. Our department managers for example, have an instant overview when they need to approve time registrations. People are also very happy about the substitute function, which enables them to register who should be their deputy when they are away.”

Reliability is a key consideration for DinERP. When asked how reliable the solution is, Annette explains that they have not had any breakdowns at all. -The implementation of DinERP took about three months, which was the estimate we got from DinERP when we talked to them. It was very easy to implement, we had a very good product manager from DinERP that we worked very closely with. It was easy to get in touch with the team that worked with the implementation and they responded quickly to any questions we had.

-The companies that I think will benefit the most from DinERP? Any company! Annette states.