DinERP sponsor the IFS World Conference in Atlanta, USA

Mar 23 2018

IFS World Conference 2018, comprises three days that could change your business forever. The conference will have a packed program of interesting and relevant events and talks. 

By: Elise Gull Askim

IFS are promising a lot for the World Conference. You will be able to engage with innovative technology, be the first to see and experience an exciting new range of product releases from IFS, get inspired by the experts -  and of course the partners! If you still need convincing, Atlanta is warm! It's 18 degrees Celsius at the time of writing, so you can get a warm break from the cold, early spring elsewhere on the globe.

DinERP helps bring the conference to life
Magnus Ingemars from IFS Scandinavian User Group enjoys having DinERP as a sponsor for their events. “When we arrange IFS User Group Conferences we enjoy working with DinERP and other Scandinavian partners”. Ingemars states that he thinks DinERP are an established company with a good network of customers and partners. “They add a lot of competence and content to our events. They always make a valuable contribution to our conferences, which creates a more alive event”, he explains.  

In November 2017 the IFS Scandinavian User Group hosted a conference at Oslo Airport that lasted two days and had 300 participants. “We involved DinERP as both an exhibitor and presenter in the program, which we have done at earlier conferences”, Ingemars says. At Oslo Airport DinERP even brought a magician, which was well received by the participants.

“We are looking forward to the IFS World Conference in Atlanta, where both the IFS User Group and DinERP will feature”.