Agder Energi chooses DinERP for Strategic HR functions

Feb 27 2017

TRONDHEIM, NORWAY – Norwegian software vendor DinERP have been chosen to deliver a ground-breaking Human Resources system for industry leader, Agder Energi.

The new system from DinERP offers advanced HR capabilities and easy compliance, while ensuring that managers and individual employees can easily implement Agder’s HR strategies throughout the course of a normal working day.  DinERP offers a very tight integration with IFS Applications’ module for Strategic HR, which ensures that Agder Energi's employees will become an integral part of the administrative process from the day they join the organisation.

“When it comes to Human Resources, Adger Energi is known to be amongst the most forward-thinking companies - not only within the Energy sector but across all businesses in Norway.” said Lars Morten Nygaard, CEO of DinERP. “This is the perfect opportunity for us to really push the envelope for strategic HR functionality, and allows IFS to out-perform other ERP systems and compete strongly against so-called ‘best of breed’ alternatives” he continued. “Our product puts the employee's competencies centre stage, where they belong, whilst pulling usability into sharp focus - and we understand both benefits were important factors in Adger’s decision. We are delighted with their confidence in our Strategic HR products, and we look forward to presenting the solution to a wider audience at the IFS Energy Forum in April”.

Tore Fuglestad, Head of IT Business Systems at Agder Energi commented “We are looking forward to extending our use of IFS Applications by using DinERP’s new HR product to facilitate our HR processes in line with our policy to use IFS as the master database for employees.”

The solution will meet modern requirements for both the mapping and planning of staff competencies enabling Agder to manage employee development in a very efficient and user friendly manner.

About DinERP
Norwegian software vendor DinERP helps customers save time and money by optimising their existing IFS Applications™ for non-expert users - often around 80% of the total workforce.

By placing the power of IFS Applications into the hands of as many end-users as possible, DinERP helps customers drive their digital transformation strategies from the bottom up, with minimal effort and maximum effect.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Falk, Marketing Director                             Tlf: +47 468 88 444
Lars Morten Nygaard, Chief Executive Officer     Tlf: +47 982 21 880