In what way does DinERP drive digital transformation?


We deliver optimised, digital workflows for every-day processes that most employees need to work with.

The user-friendly nature of our solutions means employees quickly adopt the improved workflow by their own choice. Once 80% of a workforce have changed to an optimised digital workflow, the organisation as a whole has saved significant man-hours and has taken a huge step along their path to digital transformation, without having to do anything other than make it available.


Why are your solutions better than the standard solution?


We do not have the burden of delivering an entire ERP system, which by definition need to be very complex systems in order to deliver the vast array of functionality that customers require.


We are able to focus on specific processes and pull all the data any given process depends upon from the main ERP system and package it into the most user-friendly interface possible. This focus enables our workflows to be faster, easier and better.



What is ApproveIT?


ApproveIT is a product that makes approving anything extremely simple, but at the same time does everything the main ERP system requires of the user. This means all the necessary information is recorded in the ERP system without the user ever needing to touch it. 

ApproveIT works with any type of approval, on any device, and it is faster and easier to use than an ERP system. 


Why will our organisation love ApproveIT?


The users will love it because it is easy and just works without them having to deal with a scary ERP system.

The IT department will love it because it is easy to implement and means the ERP system records everything it needs to - with less user-errors to fix, and less support to give.

The CFO will love it because it saves up to 50% of man hours currently spent - and lost - on approvals.




How do Approvals help us to drive digital transformation within our business?

Approvals impact on many business processes. Invoicing, purchasing, HR management, marketing, pretty much everything has an approval component to it in modern enterprise businesses. For that reason if you streamline your approvals process by providing a faster and easier workflow that employees can easily adopt, the business will realise a 'quick win' both in terms of time spent and man-hours saved.

It's easily to overlook something as simple as approvals when tackling digital transformation but the fact is it is the proverbial 'low hanging fruit'. Some of our customers have over 1500 managers all handling various approvals day-to-day and we can reduce the time spent on each one by 50% or more. 

When you put that all together, a simple upgrade to your approvals process has a massive effect on the way the organisation works and the overall efficiency, productivity and profitability of the business.

Does everything work well with my existing IFS Applications?

Everything we do is seamlessly integrated with IFS.

Our solutions mean anyone can easily complete a task with all the relevant data being pushed to and recorded by  the main ERP system as required, without the user ever needing to work within the ERP system itself. This means all the important functionality remains, but without no user knowledge required to complete tasks accurately and faster than ever before.

Do your solutions work on mobile?

Our solutions are device agnostic so they work on desktop, tablet, mobile phones and even in cars! As long as there is a web browser, the solution will work.