Customer Service - the most important job at DinERP

Nov 7 2017

In November of 2016 DinERP won the IFS Customers’ choice award. A few months before, they hired a new Vice President of Customer Relations, Karl Petter Askim, and It seems the two event are tightly connected.

Askim usually works at the office in Trondheim, but today he is in Oslo. When asked about his responsibility, he immediately states that his main priority is to ensure that customers are happy. -We have a help desk and a support system where the customers can contact us if they have any concerns. It could be anything from notifying us about a bug to wanting to expand their range of ERP products. 

On to new strategies
Before working at DinERP, Askim already had lots of experience with customers and how to optimise the communication flow between them and the organisation. -When I started working at DinERP we really needed a Customer Service framework to help us deliver the requirements of both new and existing customers, he explains.

DinERP is a company that has enjoyed rapid growth over recent years. When Askim started in the role he needed a new strategy for customer service and customer success. Instead of spending time tracking hours in each project, they started delivering products instead. Askim states that contributed to a significant transformation in DinERP’s co-operation with customers. 

Happy customers make a happy VP
-The key to ensuring customers are happy is just communication. We have regular meetings and check-ins, Askim explains. He adds that you can quickly sense the mood when participating in a customer meeting, so it is important to keep the list of unresolved matters as short as possible. Askim and his team also try to keep the response time fast, and the response itself comprehensive but easy to understand.

When Askim is at work, the day is usually filled with meetings and check-ins with customers and co-workers. He also coordinates teams, inspires and most importantly does follow-ups. -I never stop working until the customer is happy with our product and service, he states.

Customer service is more than just fixing bugs, we need to have a long-term strategy and a bespoke plan for each customer

-Long-term customer follow-up is something we work with a lot. Customer service is more than just fixing bugs, we need to have a long-term strategy and a bespoke plan for each customer because every customer is unique. He explains that the department for product development is always creating new products, so it is important to keep customers updated on what we offer. An example of that is a new product DinERP has recently brought to market, which is for assisting HR operations and Human Capital Management.

A smooth transition to digital transformation
It might not be easy for everyone to understand and be a part of, the digital transformation process. DinERP makes it easy for businesses to digitalise, improve workflows and end bureaucracy. Askim explains that their products are very user friendly and most end-users fully embrace the simplified experience quite naturally. -The goal is to introduce the digital transformation journey as smoothly as possible, increasing efficiency and empowering the users to achieve more in less time.

-By choosing DinERP you get a product that can be customized, not a solution that has to be built and constructed. The upside with our software is that it is always up to date and can easily be expanded to do more or fine-tuned to meet a specific customer requirement. Askim explains that the software is easy to upgrade, for example with the newest update of IFS. -We make sure the customer does not get any large and unforeseen expenses that way.

Askim must be on to something, because to win the IFS Customer’ choice awards the customers first have to vote for you. DinERP beat 350 IFS partners and took the award home thanks to their happy customers.