Churchill China selects DinERP to supply new Product Management solution for IFS

Apr 11 2018

TRONDHEIM, NORWAY – Norwegian software vendor DinERP today announces agreement with Churchill China to supply their new Product Management Console to manage Product Data within IFS

The new product will allow Churchill China to implement a more streamlined process for parts and product creation in IFS, with improved collaboration opportunities and functionality that will make the process faster, whilst ensuring the integrity of all parts and product data within IFS.

“We were using a tool developed in-house that had come to the end of its life-cycle and we didn’t want to continue to develop and support it ourselves so we looked to the IFS partner network for a possible solution” said Alistair Henderson – Head of IT for Churchill China in the UK.

He continued: “Parts and product creation is absolutely critical to our business and we wanted a supplier who would work with us to create something that made the process fast, efficient and that perfectly matched our requirements without it being a project that would only work for us. DinERP were quick to understand our needs but also to see how such a solution would be of interest to many other manufacturing companies using IFS Application. This approach means that we have exactly what we need and it will be developed and supported by DinERP – it’s the best of both worlds.”

Lars Morten Nygaard, CEO of DinERP commented “It is a privilege to work with one of the UK’s most historic businesses. We worked very closely with Churchill China to deliver something that not only worked perfectly for them but which can be easily configured to also meet the needs of the broader IFS customer base – and we have achieved just that.” 

He continued “We have removed all paper from the process, so everything now happens digitally and multiple people can work on the same parts and products simultaneously, which facilitates a more efficient and less error prone process than we see in many businesses today. It also means that Churchill now only have data for ‘live’ products in the system and they can update any number of parts and products using a mass update feature, which ensures the IFS database remains clean and uncluttered, but always up to date. Churchill China has over 40 000 products and SKUs, which has provided us with the perfect opportunity to prove that our Product Management Console can operate elegantly, at huge scale”. 


About DinERP

Norwegian software vendor DinERP helps customers save time and money by optimising their existing IFS Applications™ for non-expert users - often around 80% of the total workforce.

By placing the power of IFS Applications into the hands of as many end-users as possible, DinERP helps customers drive their digital transformation strategies from the bottom up, with minimal effort and maximum effect.

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Lars Morten Nygaard, Chief Executive Officer                 Tlf: +47 982 21 880