Who we are

DinERP was founded in 2008 by former IFS developer Yngve Tronstad, former IFS Business Consultant Roy Ugedal and former IFS customer and ERP optimisation expert Dagfinn Stave, to focus on delivering usability to powerful but highly complex ERP systems such as IFS Applications™.

Since then the company has grown to over 30 employees located in both Trondheim and Oslo, Norway and has attracted customers in both public and private sectors, in a multitude of industries, across three continents.

Today, DinERP continues to grow and has recently secured investment from Viking Ventures, one of Scandinavia’s leading private equity funds, and remains true to its original values of integrity, customer service and usability.

What we do


DinERP’s products help customers save time and money by optimising their existing IFS Applications™ for non-expert users - often around 80% of the total workforce.

One intuitive interface ensures every-day processes such as invoice approval, time registration and expense reporting can be completed quickly on any device, without training, without frustration and without errors, even by employees with little or no experience of ERP systems.

Our B2B technology allows customers to collaborate with external companies in a highly secure yet flexible environment that integrates with the IFS back-end, on any device, via an interface that is branded according to customer requirements. 

With DinERP, users work with the simple task, not the complex system, while easy implementation means IT managers can deliver these benefits quickly, easily and within budget.

Management Team

Lars-Morten Nygaard
Yngve Tronstad
CTO & Co-Founder
Roy Ugedal
CFO & Co-Founder
Karl Petter Askim
Vice President, Customer Services
Dagfinn Stave
Director, Product & Co-Founder
Jason Falk
Sales & Marketing Director

Sales Team

Roger Ugedal
Key Account Manager
Rayner Bröndrup
Chief Sales Officer
Jason Falk
Sales & Marketing Director

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